Bring your golf clubs in for repair and shop around for deals on other gear in our store while you wait!


We are El Paso's number one spot for club repair and adjustments! We offer the highest quality repairs, the fastest turnaround, and the best prices. 

And your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

  • Grips

    • We have the largest selection of grips in El Paso.  We stock all sizes in a variety of brands and styles.

    • We can regrip your entire set in 30 minutes or less.  Shop our store or hit a bucket while you wait – no need to return “Next Tuesday”!

  • Shafts

    • Whether your shaft snapped as result of your 300-yard swing, or it slipped from your hands after putting on suntan lotion, we carry a complete line of shafts to repair or upgrade your club.  We can also special order from all the top of the line manufacturers.  

  • Club Fitting

    • Change the loft and lie angles to match your game

    • Length adjustment-size clubs to your height and posture.


1351 Lee Trevino Dr, • El Paso, TX 79936 • (915) 591-4653